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Physical and Mental Wellbeing for home workers. 1 hour sessions from £300

The COVID- 19 pandemic presents challenges to our workers and managers, with changes to routines and lifestyles. Employers and managers are seeking ways to help ensure employees stay physically well, positive and engaged. This session supports staff to deal with challenges of home and current pressures.  We explore links between  lifestyle, physical activity and diet, managing stress and pain and being 'present' at work.

Sessions cover


 Physical health and exercise 

  • Ergonomic considerations for working from home, provide an understanding of how posture and exercise help prevent and manage back and neck pain

  • Explore the role regular exercise plays in being ‘present’, positive and productive  at work

  • How exercise can improve staff morale and engagement and how best to fit it into your day

Diet and Nutrition 

  • Explore why diet matters and what can we  eat and drink to stay well

  • Understand how good nutrition and supplements may play a role in supporting immunity

  • Recognise which convenience foods and money saving tips might be helpful at this time and pick up some  simple nutritious ideas for meals and snacks

  • Discover top tips for avoid overeating when self-isolating

  • Explore how food affects mood and productivity


Building resilience and managing stress

  • The Science – neuroscience ( quick explanation)

  • Introduction to mindfulness

  • The positive effects on psychological and physical well-being

  • Demonstrate and engage participants with easy to replicate, bite-sized exercises and ideas for how to incorporate mindfulness into daily activities

  • Examples activities - mindful eating/drinking/walking/cooking/exercise

  • Finishing with an exercise focusing on breath


Q and A at conclusion of the session to meet individual needs

Extra resources are included including postural exercises and simple nutritious snack and food ideas to make for busy people with limited ingredients.

Follow up evaluation and feedback included

What previous attendees say

“Thank you – slick, informative, varied. Caught my attention for the whole hour”

“Overall it was a well run presentation. I liked the three of you working together to cover body, diet and mind. You complement each other well.”

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