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Testimonials for Claire Callaghan

Claire has delivered excellent sessions as part of our ongoing wellness programme. Our staff have benefited from the sessions. Feedback has been positive and we have noted quantifiable changes as a a result. Staff now see them as part of the wider benefits of working for our organisation. The sessions are part of a programme that has helped us with challenges that individual staff members have faced. I would recommend similar sessions to others."

Human Resources, Eldon Insurance       

Claire delivered sessions on posture and how to treat your own neck and back pain as part of our company wellness programme. I have been impressed and enlightened by all the information and guidance she provided.

The Physiotherapy sessions were very well received, with tailored advice from and expert and fun group sessions to get you thinking.  It has been great to see the changes and achievements others have gained from being part of these programmes. It’s also great to see colleagues getting involved in the spirit of a healthy work-life balance, positive workplace and teamwork that Claire promotes.


Helena Fagan,  Wellness Champion, Eldon Insurance 

Claire was professional and delightful. There has been a real buzz about health and wellbeing in our team and the posture and physical activity workshops were well received. I’m sitting better and have improved my posture and desk set up. My back is less painful and I’m stretching and exercising regularly now. I feel more energised at work.


D.T, Workshop participant, Orangebox, Cardiff  

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